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Audience Score=241 Vote / Director=Jeethu Joseph / Actor=Sobhita Dhulipala, Emraan Hashmi / Oriol Paulo / country=India / Movie Info=When the body of a powerful businesswoman disappears from the morgue, the inspector in charge hunts for the truth. But when he questions her husband he realizes that there is much more to the case than meets the eye.

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This made me love myself a lot more. Inspiration. Thank you for the tips looking forward to your next video. Who Thinks August and Nicki Should Another Love Song. Hit Like #2019. Utube the boy is gone. Arjun kapoor bilkul fuddu lag raha hai And baba always best👍🏻. Beautiful storyline, perfect happy ending. Filme nik. I'm a pear shaped lady. I try to dress all the time according to my body type, but is not always possible to wear the shoulder pads/textured/layered materials to create fullness.

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Tube The bodybuilding. U dint speak about the back side of palm is called what. Im showing this to my science teacher. Imagine if their roles were reversed, how problematic would be such as this if the wife will cheat his husband after the marriage and she is gonna meet another man who is going to be her boyfriend, she will get harassed by him. It wouldve been a crime drama or thriller rather been a comedy and also it wont be funny, it wouldve been painful if they have done this in real life.

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You tube the body coach abs. Body tube materials, The Rocketry Forum Don't miss out on the latest from The Rocketry Forum! New threads and interesting conversations directly in your inbox. Sign up now and get a daily summary of the latest forum activities! Help Support The Rocketry Forum by donating: could I use mailing tubes like the ones on the following link as body tubes? what is the BT# inch equivalents? I have watched a lot of videos on youtube on building your own rockets and wanted more input please. thanks in advance You can use mailing tubes however, they are heavier wall than rocketry standard LOC airframes. iirc a 4" mailing tube will work with LOC 4"couplers and nosecones but there is a lip where the cone meets the airframe. 3" mailing tubes are similar to 4" in compatabilty with LOC parts iirc. Honestly the LOC airframes are only slightly more expensive than mailing tubes, weigh less, and are designed to work with standard rocketry components. The additional cost is offset by the capability to build lighter and use less expensive motors in larger rockets. Thanks for the info. Could I possibly roll my own tubes? what would be the best stuff to use for that? RoyAtl Well-Known Member Joined: Jan 18, 2009 Messages: 1, 360 Likes Received: 12 Depends on what size tube you want to make, and what it will be used for. If larger than a couple of inches, and for high power applications, a commercial tube is still your best bet. Or you can make large tubes from fiberglass, wrapping around a form such as another cheaper paper tube, that you remove after curing. Small specialized body tubes for small ultralight competition rockets can be made of light fiberglass wrapped around a metal mandrel. The time honored way of doing cheap model rocket tubes is by using kraft paper strips and thinned white glue wrapped around a wax paper covered mandrel. Or soak some 1/32" balsa and wrap around a mandrel, let it dry, coat with glue or sealer before removing the mandrel. You'll realize that commercial body tubes are, in fact, very economical! Yeah. Don't spend too much time looking at YouTube. Looking at your other posts, looks like you aren't thinking about HPR just yet? It is time consuming, and probably not a whole lot cheaper than ordering tube stock from Aerospace Specialty, Apogee Components, Balsa Machining Services, going alphabetically. there are other suppliers) but its not too hard to roll your own small caliber tubes and couplers. As noted above, the tricky part for non-standard body tubes is getting a nosecone to fit. True cones are pretty easy to fabricate. You can make secant nosecones out of plastic easter egg or a plastic wine glass. anything that that has a circular cross-section and a base diameter larger than the body-tube that you are trying to fit ( and that can be cut down to fit. Unless you get very lucky, it will be hard to get a tangent cone from something like this (I write as someone who went through four boxes of "jumbo" ping pong balls before I found one that worked as a BT60 nosecone) If you are handy and interested in paper craft, here are two techniques for ogive nose-cones that could be made to match the diameter of whatever tube it is you have lying around There is an online tool that will get you out from under all the spreadsheeting at the end of that article Last edited: Dec 13, 2017 Thanks guys. Awesome information. HPR is something im interested in, but not enough space for safe recovery. I will be sticking to the commercial parts for a while. If there is anyone around my area that would be kind enough to show me some tips and tricks and launch some rockets with us please hit me up. I am located in the manatee/Sarasota county florida area. If you do get into HPR, don't forget that you will need an FAA waiver to be legal. While I agree 100% with the answers offered here so far I think there is something to be said for using "found" materials to construct some simple low power rockets. A recent book in the Maker vein might be a good source of ideas and techniques. It's been out for a few years and you might be able to find one at the library. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2018 I will just say the I like mailing tubes. I like the ones from the container store that have full-length telescoping tubes. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Rocketry Forum mobile app Lots of great info thanks guys. dhbarr Amateur Professional Jan 30, 2016 5, 963 724 Don't do mailing tubes unless you really like making nosecones. My 3. 1" Optima upscale that I flew for my L1 was made with mailing tubes. And I did make my own nose cone for it. Overall a fun process where I learned a lot. Nearly 2 years ago now, wow. The first tubes I used were a hair thicker wall than LOC tubes but same ID, the mailing tubes I used on the rebuild were the exact same ID/OD and weight as an LOC 3" tube, but not near the strength. After several flights I'm getting those spiral wrinkles from too much flex. If you're curious, here's the thread(now "photobucket ransom" fixed) Note: Don't use elastic on a 2. 5 lb rocket. I got one good use out of it before I had no choice to switch to nylon & kevlar. You can use standard cones, I do it often. There is a slight lip at the transition. I usually use them for oddrocs, rockets made from found materials, etc. so that doesn't matter. If you want a really nice clone, are investing a lot of, etc then I agree to bite the bullet and use real rocket tubes. And, hey, everyone should make cones! GlenP Oct 4, 2014 1, 634 147 I have made a few LPR, 13, 18, 24 mm engine mount A through D powered rockets out of the paper recycling bin, especially this time of year with wrapping paper tubes, Even have used paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls. Card stock paper 110# and cereal box cardboard can be used for centering rings layered up to similar thickness as the fiberboard parts supplied in kits. I really recommend building a few kits to use as a starting point before building your own designs, or look up the plans and parts to copy a proven design that you know will be stable and fly safely. Once you are familiar with the basic construction techniques in proven kit designs, and can reproduce those parts from common paper packaging materials, then you look at the recycle bin in a whole new light, it is filled with potential rockets. Brown paper packages tied up with string can be recycled into a new favorite model rocket! And, you can make your own parachutes and streamers from the plastic bags in there too. thinking INSIDE the box, body tubes don't have to be round. You can fold square or triangular (or other shapes) tubes that will also work. You will need to create your own centering "squares" or "triangles" easily for LPR motor mounts with foam board (get a cheap 18 mm drill hole saw, after the cut in foam slips a 20 mm tube in easily with a bit of sanding. Don't get a 20 mm, the hole will be too big. Go with a 22 mm for a 24 mm engine mount tube. ) Biggest advantage is you can "fold your own" nose pyramids, at whatever size you want, out of cardstock or posterboard. Many aluminum foil core tubes fit standard 29mm stuff with little to no adjustment. Hmmm... Sent from my LGL44VL using Tapatalk Lots of really good points lol It probably doesn't matter much for LPR, but when you start into MPR or HPR, mailing tubes are not created as dense as rocket designed tubes like the LOC tubing. They are substantially weaker as a result.

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